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Oh Hey!

I'm like REALLY excited you're here!

 I’m a Wedding + Family Portrait photographer based in the Midwest. I absolutely love traveling, trying new restaurants, meeting people (and their dogs) & capturing love stories. I am currently loving life with my husbabe, Todd and our sweet new baby boy, Theodore. Being a mom is the absolute best thing ever. We also have a zoo at our house with our 2 dogs Olive and Jade and 2 cats Greg and Tim.

I’ve been a photographer for 10+ years now and have tried many different paths till I realized that more than anything, my heart lies in weddings and families. I love capturing raw, unfiltered, windy, warm, free spirited love. I haven’t quite been able to find anything else as beautiful as being able to create something magical for you to look at with your spouse or family years down the road. I want my images to tell a story - more specifically, YOUR story.  I want to make you belly laugh and really get into your emotions that will come to life in your photos.

 I want our day to be more than just your typical, basic shoot - but rather an adventure. I want to capture the little things when you didn’t think anyone was watching - everything that makes your life special, the stuff that makes your heart skip a beat, the moments when you forget everyone and everything around you. 

Shoot me an email and lets set up a time to explore just that. X

The Other Loves of My Life

...because I know you're interested...

 -My Husband (he real cute),The Cutest Baby (Teddy) This Side of the Mississippi, Farmers Markets, A Damn Good Bloody Mary, My Dogs Jade and Olive (they are the cutest-don't even try) Greg the Cat, Spicy Food, Quoting Any and All Movies, Pauly Shore, Fall Festivals, The Office, Laughing at Myself, Pickles, My Sweet Nephews, My Couch, Every.Single.Song by Sir Elton John, Traveling Anywhere, My Family & Friends, Sweet Wine (cheaper the better), Cinnamon Candles, Sitting on the Deck, Sleeping, True Crime Podcasts, Hating Mariah Carey and everything she is about, The Kansas City Chiefs, Black Clothes, Inappropriate Humor, Card Games, Tattoos, Target Dollar Section, Any and All Animals (except snakes - they can go extinct), Grainy Photos, Black Nail Polish, Blueberries and of course MY JOB.

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